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A conceptual short produced by Latefox Pictures Inc. and Smak Studios Inc. for the movie Ventablvck.
On the outskirts of a city, violence explodes in an underground fight club, where opponents are blind folded. Liam, a lonely and mysterious young man who suppresses violent tendencies, keeps active by working as a pizza delivery driver for Ziad, an optimistic Syrian refugee who operates a small independent pizza joint in a rough part of the city.
Starring Breanne teBoekhorst, Thomas Lorber, Vincent Nam Khai, & Gerrit Sepers
Written, Edited & Directed by Gabriel Carrer
Cinematography by Scott McIntyre
Score by Glen Nicholls
Produced by Gabriel Carrer, Scott McIntyre, Christian Burgess, John Ainslie & Angus Mclellan
Makeup FX by Mitchell Stacey & Dera Veinot

Colourist through Toronto Cinema Post Production Colour Facility Smak Colour